Webinar Series

Crop health, agricultural water security and environmental footprint are three interconnected sustainability issues of national significance. This webinar series presents the latest research data that are crucial to address these complex issues. Specifically, this series will focus on irrigation pathogens and recycled water quality. Major topics include: why is capture and reuse of surface runoff important to secure an adequate supply of quality irrigation water while reducing nonpoint source pollution? How may this practice potentially impact water quality, recycle and spread destructive pathogens? What are the major steps and current technologies to address these problems and how to make the most out of water treatment dollars? How to design and build an irrigation system that recycles water but not pathogens? What are the other long-term solutions?

Webinar Schedule and Recordings

Time for all webinars will be 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm Eastern Time. Meeting space for all webinars will be https://connect.extension.iastate.edu/irrigation-water/. See the connection instructions below.

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Date Title Presenter
10/8/2013 A path to plant biosecurity, water and environmental sustainability: SCRI project overview Project Team
11/6/2013 Disease management and irrigation practices of Mid-Atlantic ornamental nurseries James Pease
12/3/2013 What plant pathogens could be in my irrigation water? Gary Moorman
1/7/2014 How do plant pathogens enter and move around irrigation systems? Gary Moorman
2/4/2014 How do I determine whether water is clean or contaminated? Gary Moorman
3/4/2014 Chlorination of recycled water in nursery production Chuan Hong
4/8/2014 Alternative disinfectant water treatment Warren Copes
5/6/2014 Substrate management practices vital for pathogen risk mitigation Andrew Ristvey
6/3/2014 Irrigation management practices to reduce pathogen movement and survival John Lea-Cox
7/1/2014 Locating a new production facility Chuan Hong
8/5/2014 Building Pathogen Mitigation Features into Water Recycling Systems Chuan Hong
9/2/2014 Recycled Water Quality Dynamics and Implications for Crop Health and Production Chuan Hong
10/7/2014 What are my options to deal with water pH issues in nursery production? Chuan Hong
11/4/2014 Consumer willingness to pay for certified disease-free and water-conserving ornamental plants James Pease

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